Unbenanntes Dokument

Dear rally friends,

A little review and a short preview....
It's been almost a month since we started our tour through 6 countries at the Select Hotel in Maastricht at the 18th edition of the Coppa d'Europa.
With 111 vehicles mentioned and with participants from more than 10 countries, we were more than satisfied, especially when you consider that several events have already had to be cancelled this year because, among other things, the number of registered vehicles was below a profitable level.
There were as you would expect from us, again we had long rally days. Especially for the CoppaSuper and CoppaSport classes, there were again many different tricky tasks and also new track finding systems to master. Which was very satisfactorily received by most of our participants in these two classes.
As always, everyone was more than satisfied with the fine quality of our event hotels, as well as with the dinner buffets and lunches!
At the end of the 18th Coppa, we celebrated our award ceremony with many prizes in the spacious, fine Monarch Hotel Bad Gögging. The participants celebrated the conclusion of this successful event and spent a long evening at the bar…..
After the rally, we received praise for this Coppa from many participants by e-mail or phone. Of course, for our 19th edition we will draw some conclusions from things that the starters or even we didn't like so much: Primarily the too easy tasks of the CoppaTouring and CoppaGT classes. In addition, there will be more regularity checks and tests, but no more TC's-IN. Furthermore, we will take into account the larger number of English-speaking participants and on Wednesday evening, we will also give a short english briefing (in addition to the German-speaking one).
All our rally friends can then expect a challenging, high-class Coppa d'Europa from 10-13 April 2025.
We'll tell you later where to go on great paths and roads next year!

René Smeets, Rudolf Dittmann.