Unbenanntes Dokument

Dear rally friends,

We would like to briefly introduce ourselves, and tell you about our event, especially to those who do not know about our "Coppa".

For almost 20 years now, we, the "Foundation RREvents", have been organising this international rally for classic and historic cars built up to 1986.

The founders of the organisation were René Smeets (Maasbracht-NL), Rudolf Dittmann (Wegberg-D) and Etienne Carlens (Landen-B). These enthusiastic rally friends, with many years of experience as organisers and also successful participants (René) in both modern and historic rallying, saw a good opportunity to incorporate their knowledge and skills into a new rally which they called “Coppa d'Europa“. The idea was to create an international "old-fashioned" multi-day event which passed through several central European countries, with interesting navigational tasks, but with easier tasks for beginners. We also include regularity sections (without using modern electronic systems), some driving tests, so everyone could have lots of fun, but the rally is totally fair, and avoids ambiguities and debatable tricks. From the first rallies we organised, starting in 2005, a large number of participants from various countries arrived and the popularity of our rally concept was remarkable. In addition to the challenging, high-class and varied tasks, the crossings of many countries, it was also the excellent hotels and top class gastronomy, as well as the friendly atmosphere at our "Coppas", which were well received by the participants.

Foundation RREvents also organised several editions of the shorter "Limburgia Trophaeum" rally, but this was discontinued after 11 editions.

Several years ago, at the request of some of our sports car friends, we created a special "GT" class for younger sports and prestige cars, which makes an interesting and unique addition to our "Historics and Classics".

Now some key data: the route length is approx. 1500 kms spread over 3 long rally days; the route passes through up to 8 countries.

Now the 18th Coppa d'Europa is scheduled for 21-24 March 2024.

A route is planned that will probably start in the Netherlands, go through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and on to Austria. We will then ride on fascinating routes through parts of the Alps, among other places.

Brochures will be sent out from mid-August.

René Smeets, Rudolf Dittmann.